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Thompson Crosby designs and builds powerful solutions for the worldwide financial industry focused on emerging market spot and derivatives markets. Our competitive edge lies in experience gained by deploying advanced solutions for sophisticated traders for over 25 years. Our trading solutions depend on strong analytics, high quality market access, powerful automated trading functionality and risk management. Thompson Crosby’s customers include trading and market-making teams, institutional investors and hedge funds.

Thompson Crosby provides sales and support services from its offices in London and Istanbul.

Investment Banking Advisory

Thompson Crosby offers its clients equity and debt advisory services with access to financing in the private and public capital markets through the issuance of debt, equity or hybrid securities. Our financial professionals and institutional partners have decades of combined experience and a track record of successfully executing financings through changing market conditions. Our expertise in venture capital and deep senior relationships with various capital providers allow us to provide our clients with the flexibility and support to meet their funding needs.

Family Office Services

Thompson Crosby offers tailored solutions for family offices. We provide a single point of contact for trading, business, financial and personal needs of individuals and families. Our approach is not just about helping growing and protecting wealth, it’s about understanding all that matters in life. We help investors navigate life changes, reach milestones and face the future with confidence, ensuring all the moving parts of your wealth are aligned with their expectations.

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